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To blog frequently is to blog briefly


I really like Simon Willison's blog. It reads more like a (almost) daily log of ideas and cool things Simon comes across, rather than a forced compendium of things he wants to write about. What I like most about his blog is the frequency at which he publishes.

Now don't get me wrong, I love deep, technical, well-written blogs. Like Simon Boehm's blog, or Jay Alammar's blog. But creating highly technical in-depth content takes time and effort. It is an additional time sink for someone like me who is also trying to start their own business, and consulting part-time to pay my bills. And it is a bit agonizing for me to not write frequently when it is something I would like to commit myself too. Fail fast.

I've been meaning to write a blog post on Guardrails for LLMs (Large Language Models - think ChatGPT) for a while now. I personally dealt with setting them up for our LLM based product, so I care deeply about this problem. I have read up a ton about guardrails, and also programmed a fair bit. Yet when it comes to sitting down and compiling all my thoughts, and especially when it comes to writing a tutorial style blogpost for beginners, I find myself struggling.

I decided to take a leaf out of Simon's blog today, and write a brief blog post - because it will take a while before I finish the Guardrails blog post. To blog frequently, is to (sometimes) blog briefly.